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Texas baseball is coming to an end this weekend. We have a country music hall of fame recap and Bob and Eric reminisce about Jimmy Carter. Myleiek shares all the things she has learned along the way, and interviews other entrepreneurs to give listeners insights on how to do life a little bit better every day.

Scandalous Beauty This podcast is all about makeup and beauty, and features interviews and commentary from top artists and influencers in the industry, plus beauty news and reviews by host Erin Baynham. This lead into a discussion about the best and worst airlines.

While I could hardly be described as the target audience, I've followed it for the last few episodes and am considering upgrading from binoculars to telescope as a result.

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Bob and the guys talk about a 60 Minutes report on Cyber Security. Dial a Stranger is now sadly no more. Bob and Scotty tell us a funny story about something that happened in the bathroom yesterday.

This hour will feel like you're hanging with your best girl friends. The guys discuss government jobs and their flaws. Hillary Clinton is set to announce Sunday, on social media, that she will run for President.

The intention is not to campaign on any particular issue, but rather to present both sides of the argument on issues which are often highly controversial. For our purposes, a podcast is a piece of audio that was created at least in part for digital release.

Bob reads some listener emails and tells us some caller comments about the Neil Diamond concert. Eric talks about the traffic on his way home yesterday after the accident that caused a bridge to collapsed on I in Salado.

Merle Haggard and Willie Nelson have a new single release April 20th. She tells us ways to donate and where to seek support during these hard times. S ScotsLawBlog provides the most recent news relevant to Scots lawyers and businesses. He recapped the American Country Awards, which occurred the previous evening.

The three have a silly, improv-informed approach that suits well the idiocy they have generally just witnessed; many of their best moments come in ridiculous riffs that have nothing to do with the movie under discussion.

A SWAT standoff took place in Round Rock this week — a 45 year old woman barricaded herself in the attic, the guys discuss.

The blog provides frequent and detailed updates and commentary on current issues and case reports. Be that prince charming! If I listed any of your favorites, or you learned of a few new ones you plan to check out, let me know.

28 Podcasts Hosted by Black Women That You Should Be Listening To TODAY!

Despite this nickname, code enforces shut down 19 venues during SXSW. It was a huge success. Bob remembers the year anniversary of the smoking ban in Austin.

We play the new Willie Nelson song and the guys discuss the ACMs and some of their favorite, and least favorite, parts from the night! The guys talk about the future of the toll roads and how frustrating it is to hit red lights at 5: Children in Law is a blog from barrister Jacqui Gilliatt.

They also weigh in on presidential candidates. If you read Gillian Reynolds's column, you'll already know this; but I can add that it's also available — and works quite beautifully — as a daily podcast.For many of us, was a mixed bag at best and a blasted hellscape at worst.

But that’s over.

The 25 Best Podcast Episodes Ever

Now it’s and if you’re like me, you’re blinking, bleary-eyed and hung-over into the dawn of a new year and wondering what next? Legal Blogs, mainly from UK.

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What it is: A podcast about important stuff like mental health, self-care, dating and relationships, health and fitness, and all kinds of other important social and cultural topics, all discussed.

13 Podcasts By Women You Should Be Listening To Right Now.

The Ultimate List Of Developer Podcasts

Because there are enough podcasts of just dudes who like to hear themselves talk, right? Welcome to LearnEnglish podcasts! In this episode the presenters, Tess and Ravi, introduce themselves, and their guests talk about Angelina Jolie, New York .

Best dating podcasts women
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